Beyond the seas of time,

Scattered          stars          sit          still.

The lunar lunette a mystic white rock,

Secluded; shining; mellow.

In colourless light,

Heaven’s mist settles,

And Nature’s spirit is again revived.


A silent shadow melts with the light, and sails with the wind.

You are conversing with a cloud; a voice; a fragment of thought;

An incomparable nihility.


On the craters of nothingness,

I courted the ideal of paradise,

But suppressed this desire; for thoughts hindered my serenity.

I looked upon my reflection,

And found a Tigress staring back; her eyes of a strange apocryphal blue.

I floated across like a wreath, and she dispersed like flowers,

Merging with the Sun in full blossom.


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